Windows 11 is here! If you’re wondering what that means, I’ve got you covered. In this post, we’ll discuss the best ways to set up your computer for the first time with Windows 11.

Set up your default apps

Change the default browser

The Windows 11 operating system comes with a range of default applications that you can use to browse the web, search for information, and send emails. These apps are optimized for speed and ease of use. However, if you prefer to use different browsers, search engines or email clients then we’ll show you how to change these settings in Windows 11.

The first thing we’ll do is change the default browser by opening Settings > Apps & Features > Default Apps > Web Browser (this may vary depending on your version of Windows). Here we’ll see a list of all available browsers installed on our PC along with their current status as default or not set as default yet – so make sure that one is selected! We can then select another option from this list by clicking Change defaults button which will open up another dialog box where all available options should be listed along with their current status as well…

If you want to start using another browser as your default, just select it here and click Set as Default button. You can also use this dialog box to add new apps or change their status as default when needed.

Change your wallpaper

The Windows 10 wallpaper can be changed in several ways. The most obvious method is to use the photo viewer app, which you can launch by pressing Win + E on your keyboard or clicking File Explorer > This PC > Pictures.

Once you’ve opened the photo viewer, click on one of your images and then click Set As Wallpaper at the bottom right corner of your screen. You’ll see an option for “Change Picture”–choose this one!

Alternatively, if there’s no picture open when downloading new wallpapers from Bing or Google Images (both discussed later), clicking anywhere on an empty part of your desktop will automatically open up an option called Change Background: Selecting this will take you directly into choosing a new image as well as changing its position/size etc., making it easier than ever before!