Our customers chose to use our service due to our focus and stratergy.

Our ethos is “Customer Support, If the Customer isn’t happy, then we are not happy”. Unlike many MSP’s we dont pretend to be larger than we are. We beleive, as our customers grow, we grow, so we want you to be happy.

Many MSPs state they have the capability of large MSPs, but the personal touch of small ones. G3 is a team of Consultants that are experienced engineers. You will not find, call center staff or sales staff, you will get dedicated consultants and trained experts, helping you grow and evolve your use of technology.

False Promises!

Many MSPs make false promises that they are larger and cheaper than they turn out to be. We have put together a list of what to look out for when selecting an MSP.

So why choose G3 IT Services?

We are dedicated consultants, we have over 15 years of real-world/life experience, no, we are not all accredited, but we are however committed and experienced. We have built on this foundation. Again, when you get support from us, you won’t get through to an unhelpful service desk, but you will be speaking to a consultant. We do not have a hierarchy here, there are two levels of consultant. Firstly we have our “Partner Consultants”, these are our most experienced workforce and are the people that you will directly deal with. Finally we have our “Associate Consultants” these are the guys that will be partnered up with Partner Consultants and assisting with the Maintenance and Planning for your IT Infrastructure.